So, the purchase of the Ka has provoked much discussion here and elsewhere[1] (bunch of petrolheads and weirdoes), and Jennie has decided that she wants to name it[2]. She has a preferred option[3]. I'm not too keen[4]. So I thought I'd enlist some help from you lot[5]. There now follows a poll[6]:
[Poll #1231865]
I mean, seriously, why would you want to give your car a name, let alone a silly pun? Oh, wait, I'm in Yorkshire, it's Jennie. Combine the two and I'm doomed, aren't I?

Oh, the other scary thing? She went to the post office today to pay her wage in, and I met her at Sainsbury's to do some shopping. She'd bought a copy of the Highway Code and some L plates. Be afraid...

[1] A friends locked post at her personal journal.
[2] It's a really stupid idea of a name.
[3] I mean it, really really stupid.
[4] I hate it.
[5] Help me oh friends list, you're my only hope.
[6] As always, non-LJers will need to login with an OpenID or create an LJ account to vote.
Specifically, this one on the AutoTrader site[1]. SB decided today that we ought to have one, and I had no real objection. Wasn't keen and enthusiastic mind, but I'm back in the car driving masses again. Just have to make sure I don't over use it &c...
Front View
Front View
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Description from the advert )
and no, we didn't pay the full listed price.

[1] Link might expire soon, we have bought it after all.
So, in 2006, who was the biggest arsehole, Nick Griffin, Robert Mugabe or George Galloway? Each has had a tough fight to get to the finals, and now they duke it out. [ profile] publicansdecoyhas more.

In other news, my car is back on the road, which means I've decided to simply drive up to London this afternoon, partially so I can make [ profile] nhw's thing, but mostly because I've been stuck in the flat for a bit longer than planned and I really need to be making progress.

[ profile] nadriel? At zero notice, can I take you up on your offer? If not, I'll find somewhere, but 'free' is always a favoured accommodation option in London.

So, eat, shop, change clothes (because I had to lie on the wet floor to sort out bits of the car) then drive up to London. About time, I hear you all cry...
This is not my first post. This is just redated so it's not at the top of my journal all the time.

I'm Mat. This is my personal journal, the fun stuff. I also write in a few other places, including Not Little England (on UK politics) and TaKtiX (about gaming).

For more about me, your best bet is to read the bio and Userinfo. This post is mostly here so I can find all the tags I use easily, it may get more useful stuff in the future. It's not a 'Friends Only' Journal, but I do filter some stuff. Oh, if you're using Internet Explorer... ) go here and get help.

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