Heh, this is very cool. While trawling around for extra links to update my Arthur C Clarke obit post I came across this linked from Boing Boing:

Abyss & Apex : Fourth Quarter 2007: Wikihistory:
International Association of Time Travelers: Members' Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War
Time traveller revert wars over the life of Adolph Hitler. Wonder if any of them are the bloke in the golden suit?

ETA: From the comments, a link to a Sub-press printed [livejournal.com profile] scalzi story on a similar theme. Also very cool.
[livejournal.com profile] sammymorse has had his account suspended for no sane reason and could do with some help getting it back.

I've not even got a Wiki account, let alone admin priviledges, but I know a fair few reading this use the place a lot; I've met him a few times, and can definitely vouch that he is who he says. Suckpuppets are annoying, but this isn't the way to deal with it.
OK then; I've got so behind posting stuff that hald the links I stored are done already. Meh, have some of the best/more recent while I keep sorting things out.

Softpedia reports that Windows Vista is essentially spyware and Microsoft will be able to track a big chunk of what you do; yes, they're unlikely to pick on individuals, but the EULA gives them carte blanche to give everything away.

Cthuugle--the H. P. Lovecraft search engine. Do Werewolves Roam The Woods Of England? Probably not, but some interesting stuff, even if the guy writing it is a bit, shall we say, touched? How about instead a bunch of 3-D Starmaps? So very very cool.

Reading this Register article on Conservapedia I discover the wonder that is RationalWiki, a slightly satirical riposte to the loons and their delusions. Conservapedia has managed to clean up all the blatant vandalism that it got hit with soon after it launched. Now the edits are much more subtle.

On the subject of wikis, anyone fancy a game of Wikington Crescent? Very very silly way to kill time, but you never know. [livejournal.com profile] sunflowerkits recently attended a Gothic Bellydance workshop and has videos of some of the teachers dancing; it is actually very impressive, and I'm not just saying that because they're also quite hot.

On to a bit of politics. My old friend [livejournal.com profile] paulatpingu compares Gordon Brown's position to that of Londo Mollari. Yes, that Londo Mollari, the one with the silly hair and the tentacle penis. Scarily, he's actually got a point, although as I commented there it's not going to happen any time soon.

Silliness. Turn the subjects from any feed (including your public LJ posts) and burn them into Lol!cats. Results can vary between the impressive, the funny and the downright stupid. And of course there's an online macro generator, which even works from LJ userpics. Yes, I've ued it, and it's actually not a bad overall tool for quick-and-dirty actual design work.

Lastly? How about a survivors guide to Doctor Who fandom? So very true, especially the Rose-fen; I only really started follwing the online fans since Torchwood started, and seriously, they scare me. Especially the Jack/anto shippers. SRSLY, they're warped. Not interested? Ok, how about an economic argument against the smoking ban combined with an assertion that passive smoking isn't actually dangerous. Ok, that last comes from the Torygraph, and is thus a little sus, but not hugely, the science he researches is real, and I remain of the opinion that car exhaust fumes do more damage than someone else's smoke ever will.

Not bad that, cleaned 16 links out of the folder. You really don't want to know how many there are in total. Trust me on this. Oh, look at that, I've managed to do that silly Doctor Who quote meme without even trying. Bargain.
  • El Reg reports that you can now rent people to join your protest in Germany. Potential protesters get paid, but aren't obliged to agree unless it's something they agree with. Hmm, attack on the principles of democracy, an example of 'everything for sale', or a simple way to motivate otherwise apathetic activists? Let's face it, if you were going to be paid to turn up at the next Parliament Square protest, you might actually do it, right?

  • Right then, Life On Mars I've heard many many good things about this show, and then today [livejournal.com profile] mng linked to loveandgarbage who was linking to this awesome trailer for the next series, which shows the main characters as if they're in Camberwick Green! How cool is that? I hate to do this, but The Sun has the best version of the promo picture. So, maybe I should've bought the DVD box set in the January sales for £20 after all? Ah no, Sendit has it for £16 and Choices for £14. Bargain. Now if Mike had any decent image manip software, I'd be iconning myself up, they're so cool.

  • Now, I read about this on [livejournal.com profile] roughtype a few days back, but have been busy/net deprived, but Wikipedia has implemented rel="nofollow" for all outgoing links. This is a BAD BAD THING. Now, whatever we think of Google the corporation, Google the search engine, and specifically the PageRank formula, is essentially democracy in action. The readon it works is because it aggregates all the links out there and figures out which are the most popular (and therefore useful) sites. rel="nofollow" is there for webmasters to say that they don't trust a link, or they don't want to vote for it. By putting nofollow on all its outgoing links (in a spurious and useless attempt to fight spam), Wikipedia is effectively both denying other sites their votes (and opting out of the democracy), but also asserting clearly that their content is untrustworthy, cannot be guarnateed and they don't want to give legitimate credit.  That last links to a Wordpress Plugin that I'll be putting in next time I update, and from now on I'll be nofollowing any links to Wikipedia that I make, and I urge others to do the same.  If they want to opt out of the Google democracy, they should do it both ways (as, for example, [livejournal.com profile] daweaver's The Snow in Summer already does) and say they don't want inbound links either.  Of course the real issue is linkspam in the form of blog comments, and of course disreputable Search Marketers who do things the bad way, as Tim described one company to me, a bunch of spamming twunts.
  • Last up (for now) Wordpress 2.1 is out, which means [livejournal.com profile] lj2wordpress should be kicking start a little more, I need to catch up with some things, and reply to a few emails, but this particular project looks like it'll have real legs.  After all, Livejournal is slowly dying.  Journal Press will rock.  Hopefully.
Oh, for those not scrolling back again; I've got a place to live in London, start moving in Saturday.  Comes with wireless broadband and all bills included, which will be nice.
Was going to write a proper update tonight, including a review of the (rather good) weekend, etc. But I got distracted, then lost track of time, and now as I shut down, I see a link to this:

Miss Freddie especially should find it amusing. Oh, re Nation States? What's wrong with New People, especially if we can identify all of them online?
Have a look at this talk page.

Talk:Peter Hitchens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yup, he's editing his own entry.  Apparently, for the better.  Is this evidence that it works, or evidence that it doesn't?
Sainsbury's and Woolworths have withdrawn the Jerry Springer DVD from sale after pressure from "Christian Voice", the lunatic fringe fundamentalists that want to deny you the opportunity to make your own mind up. I've ranted about it (a lot) on the blog, but this infuriates me so much I'm reposting the lot here under a cut. My MP is writing to the two company's, as are a few others, ask yours to, details on how in there.

Regardless of whether you like the show, censorship is not the answer, and I really fear the slippery slope on this one. The full blog entry, including links, information, data and contact details )
Until they change their policy on this, I'll not be going into a Woolworths or Sainsburys except to complain. I urge you to do the same.

Full entry here.

In other news, another reason to dislike Wikipedia. It's not like it's ever going to be fixed the way they're going with it. Read more... )

Arsehole neighbour had a party last night, kept me awake till 4am, so my normal nocturnal activity is now curtailed, I've typed up what I felt the need to and assuaged my anger, now, to bed. Not sure whether to read Prince Caspian, Looking for Jake, Northern Lights or Anansi Boys. All are sat there in the "get on with it and finish me already" pile.
I know, apoogies for spamming the friends page after no posts for ages, but this is to good to miss. Via [livejournal.com profile] daweaver
Here, then, is what I'll propose as the Law of the Wiki: Output quality declines as the number of contributors increases. Making matters worse, the best contributors will tend to become more and more alienated as they watch their work get mucked up by the knuckleheads, and they'll eventually stop contributing altogether, leading to a further fall in quality.
So very true, the comments on the post are illuminating at times as well.
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