OK, a fairly long post on the most recent news and another nail in LJ's coffin.  Those of you just interested in the future rather than the LJ trainwreck may want to skip to the second half.

A big strength of Livejournal )Livejournal may have the most insane abuse policy of any blogging platform )

This affects ALL of us

Standard blogging techniques breach LJs TOS—even quiz memes could get you in trouble )
A caveat, but either way it's a big problem for LJ )

My plans for 'jumping ship' (redux) )
So, some clarifications.
Livejournal has two principle Unique Selling Points (USPs) )
What I'm looking at for journalling/blogging )
What I'm looking at for the Friends Page )
As for the network?  )
Maybe, if we get this right, we can have it so you choose where to put your content. You choose how to aggregate the content of others. You do it quickly, and easily. You choose whter to trust as a primary platform a company like LJ, a friend running a node (*waves hand*), a new start up, or you get your own server.

But they can all interlink, all interoperate. It'd be like LJ, with the privacy you want, but encompassing the whole damn web.

I think that'd be cool. Will it work? Dunno. But the prognosis is good.

Let's reclaim the Web

I'll, um, get back to avoiding work on my bit, right?
Site update, I said I'd install WP-MU but my webhost doesn't support the software, it'll run WP but MU needs more resources--I'd need to open a support request with them and even then it's not guaranteed they'll make the necessary changes, it involves more than a few redirects :-( So back to plan A, indivdual installs per person, bloody annoying, was hoping for a universal login, but, well, it'll do.

Instead, tomorrow I might, if I can get the impetus together, go to the CARNAVAL DEL PUEBLO in Southwark. Or drag myself up north for the Innocent fete. Anyone else made a firm decision either way, and/or interested in either?

Today, apart from playing with webhosting stuff, updating all the old Blogger stuff I was using and moving it, I've also been shopping. I mentioned I was looking at mice, well, on a whim I went into Maplin, and ended up with a wireless mouse & keyboard combo, so I can type from anywhere in the room now, which is nice. I also, just might, have bought 6 books in Waterstones (and no, 'm not going to look at how cheap they would've been on Amazon)-I went in for the Fforde, and bought a whole lot more, bloody 3-for-2 offers. Oh, I might have bought about 6 months supply of Lush stuff, and encountered my first example of a bad shop assistant in there.

And I ate a whole Lyle's Golden Syrup cake. For breakfast. Healthy eating plan? Yeah, right...
K, I've mentioned several times, and I've had my 'replacement' site set up for ages anyway. But, y'know, other things to do, etc. Never had the impetus, or the reason. Well, guess what? LJ have deleted a bunch of accounts again )

The law in the US is fairly clear on the point though, they had little choice )

So I'm going to use my upgrading hosting package to set up my own site )

Anyone wanting to help out welcome )

So, beta testers useful when I've got it installed. Others thinking of jumping ship and self hosting+cross posting also welcome. Others using Wordpress for other things are invited to help out the codebase, suggest useful plugins, etc.

I've been putting this off for two damn long. [livejournal.com profile] eclexys and [livejournal.com profile] johnwordsworth both prove you can maintain an LJ as well as a WP powered blog, and there are many plugins that could make lives even easier for them.

[1] I'm exhausted anyway, didn't sleep at all well last night, so I'm not going to Inferno this evening, I've been ill on and off all week so I'll stay in and relax.

Oh yeah, they've made the Message Centre almost usable, although the removal of links to pages beyond the first is annoying.
Some great stuff in today's worcester LJ code push, prompting my desire to test a feature. Still, one good thing, but would've liked to know it was happening; they've changed the tag limit from 100 to 1000, so my careful go back and split up my 'life' tag that I've been doing for the last month or so became fairly pointless overnight; has made the tag cloud itself look better though; it works out all sizes based on the biggest used tag, so having none over 100 makes the mid range tags look much bigger. Külness.
[Poll #999114]
However, still planning to decamp my journal hosting reasonably soon; NB, not leaving LJ, just hosting my journal elsewhere as well as here, not sure how to handle comments yet, but I'm not the first doing it and it seems to work for them. So, via [livejournal.com profile] lj2wordpress, Infotropism – Weaning yourself off LJ: Why you might want to. Followed up by a series of how-to guides, quite a nice post that.
Very good article at ReadWriteWeb on the massive growth of Facebook:
As well as quantity, Facebook has on its side that it is a very sticky site - 50% of registered users come back to the site every day. Facebook is generating more than 40 billion page views per month, from 24 million "active" users - 50 pages per user every day, which is very very high. In comparative terms, Facebook is now the 6th most trafficked site in the U.S. and gets more page views than eBay.
Facebook is getting the new users that want privacy )

Livejournal dropped the ball, Facebook took it and ran )

The new applications mean Facebook truly can conquer the web )

Community is what these sites are about )

Any site like this needs new users to keep feeding in, else it withers and slowly dies. LJ is dying, and the owners are helping kill it. Ah well.
  • El Reg reports that you can now rent people to join your protest in Germany. Potential protesters get paid, but aren't obliged to agree unless it's something they agree with. Hmm, attack on the principles of democracy, an example of 'everything for sale', or a simple way to motivate otherwise apathetic activists? Let's face it, if you were going to be paid to turn up at the next Parliament Square protest, you might actually do it, right?

  • Right then, Life On Mars I've heard many many good things about this show, and then today [livejournal.com profile] mng linked to loveandgarbage who was linking to this awesome trailer for the next series, which shows the main characters as if they're in Camberwick Green! How cool is that? I hate to do this, but The Sun has the best version of the promo picture. So, maybe I should've bought the DVD box set in the January sales for £20 after all? Ah no, Sendit has it for £16 and Choices for £14. Bargain. Now if Mike had any decent image manip software, I'd be iconning myself up, they're so cool.

  • Now, I read about this on [livejournal.com profile] roughtype a few days back, but have been busy/net deprived, but Wikipedia has implemented rel="nofollow" for all outgoing links. This is a BAD BAD THING. Now, whatever we think of Google the corporation, Google the search engine, and specifically the PageRank formula, is essentially democracy in action. The readon it works is because it aggregates all the links out there and figures out which are the most popular (and therefore useful) sites. rel="nofollow" is there for webmasters to say that they don't trust a link, or they don't want to vote for it. By putting nofollow on all its outgoing links (in a spurious and useless attempt to fight spam), Wikipedia is effectively both denying other sites their votes (and opting out of the democracy), but also asserting clearly that their content is untrustworthy, cannot be guarnateed and they don't want to give legitimate credit.  That last links to a Wordpress Plugin that I'll be putting in next time I update, and from now on I'll be nofollowing any links to Wikipedia that I make, and I urge others to do the same.  If they want to opt out of the Google democracy, they should do it both ways (as, for example, [livejournal.com profile] daweaver's The Snow in Summer already does) and say they don't want inbound links either.  Of course the real issue is linkspam in the form of blog comments, and of course disreputable Search Marketers who do things the bad way, as Tim described one company to me, a bunch of spamming twunts.
  • Last up (for now) Wordpress 2.1 is out, which means [livejournal.com profile] lj2wordpress should be kicking start a little more, I need to catch up with some things, and reply to a few emails, but this particular project looks like it'll have real legs.  After all, Livejournal is slowly dying.  Journal Press will rock.  Hopefully.
Oh, for those not scrolling back again; I've got a place to live in London, start moving in Saturday.  Comes with wireless broadband and all bills included, which will be nice.
Right, yesterday I posted that top 100 films of the first 100 years of filmaking meme. It appears that many of you have yet to see the film at #1. It was bad enough that [livejournal.com profile] grrliz hadn't seen it, she posts more about films than she does about Harry Potter and web design, but you lot? You're supposed to be cultured people damnit!

Look, here's the deal. Citizen Kane. When the BFI's Sight and Sound calls it the best film ever every decade for four decades in a row, that ought to tell you something, right? Even the Americans finally got the right idea eventually. Gah!

[Poll #900871]

I dunno, I thought a few of you might possible have seen it...

In other news, my plans to rehost the journal elsewhere proceed apace, the more I use Wordpress the more impressed I am, and the [livejournal.com profile] lj2wordpress project has given a number of useful plugins (especially LivePress). For now though, it'll be somewhere to host the CV et al. Need to style it, but the upload crapped out on me a bit too often for me to be in the mood today. Car's in the shop as well, hopefully might be back on the road tomorrow...
OK, firstly, I am not sober. Not drunk, but not sober. Second, the link in my last post was to here at [livejournal.com profile] livejournal_uk, I used LJ Hook to insert the link and didn't check it as I was running out the door.

Third, Terry Pratchett is a god among men. Great public speaker, very funny, observant (as in, spotted and asked me the correct spelling for my name and was just generally cool), and, well, my credit card got used for a few more books. Not really an issue, it was birthday money, honest.

Fourth, I love LJ. As in, I love the community. Just over a year ago, I went to S-C with [livejournal.com profile] nadriel. When there, I met two cool people. She who was to become [livejournal.com profile] faeriecween and the lady known as [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat. I've obviously got to know the former rather well, but I've actually met the latter three times in person total. Today was the third time. Yet we talked, got on, chatted, as if we knew each other and were old friends. Because of LJ. Because we've commented, helped each other out, advised, consoled, taken the piss, etc. I think this is a good thing. Tonight, also met [livejournal.com profile] rowanberries, who seems slightly more insane. Not as nuts as some on my f-list, but still.

LJ wittering )

Oh, the title? It's a reference to his next book. Which sounded very cool. And involved a joke with a clockwork vibrator. Seriously.

Oh yeah, [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat? [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs here. Red Dwarf + Buffy. As discussed.
Entry #5003 in the ongoing 6 Apart are useless series to be found on this journal. This time, courtesy of an unusual source:
Apparently comma-separated lists are too complicated now, so we give you checkboxes to ask if you're interested in emo or snowboarding:



Also note the lack of <label> tags.


Typical LJer whinging about how Emo is a popular interest? Well, only if by typical you include the founder of the whole thing [livejournal.com profile] brad. FFS, interest searches worked badly in the first place, then they added in the userpic disply thing making it dial up unfriendly, now they're actively promoting the most popular interests so that there will be even more users with them. Ye gods, will they never learn?

[livejournal.com profile] brad's also not happy with the way it's coded, and is apparently no longer in charge. So, the solution? It appears to be a dynamic list of interests (I mean, who would select emo as a promotional tool for the site?). So, um, join the checkbox tyranny resistance by adding it to your interests? 'Falsifying statistics' is another good one as well, that's been going for ages though.

In fact, tell your friends. Tell all your friends. Meh, things continue going downhill.

Wonder when the venture capital runs out and the company gets split up as the loss making mess it is? Ah, wait, LJ is the only profit arm, ergo LJ'll be bought by someone like Murduch. We're screwed. Here's hoping [livejournal.com profile] firefoxfey's [livejournal.com profile] lj2wordpress project works off, so you can have all the utility of LJ but hosted on your own space and not relying on a datacenter built over one of the most famous earthquake zones in the world...
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