Oh Michael? Look what I found:
Elf Team Yup, it's my Elf team. The first miniatures I ever bought, and amongst the first I ever painted. Scarily, of the figures I own, they're also the best painted unit, even though I last redid them when I was 18, way before I'd spent 10 years working for the company painting figures every day. My Cawdor gang for Necromunda is quite good, but these just rule.

Anyway, the point of all this? Well, after last weeks debacle, I have gone through all the gaming crap piled on the storage shelf and dug out the team I know I can win with. So, firstly, a rematch my friend. When?

Secondly? [livejournal.com profile] londonbloodbowl. Only just set it up, no posts, or rules, or anything. If Mike and I are going to be playing regularly, might as well organise something, right? I've sent invites to those who expressed an interest, but anyone else, feel free to join and we'll see what we can arrange.
Via a friends locked post, Sparta Reconsidered - Spartan Women:
In a frequently quoted incident, the wife of King Leonidas was allegedly asked why Spartan women were the only women in Greece who "ruled" their husbands. Gorgo replied, "because we are the only women who give birth to men." In other words, only men with the self-confidence to accept women as equals were men at all.
Sounds good to me. From what I'm hearing, the film is fun as well. Don't think 'd have wanted to live there, but can't argue with that attitude.

Anyway, just got in, had to share that one, have to plot my revenge on [livejournal.com profile] nadriel now.
That whenever I do one of those silly 'which character are you' tests, that I always end up as ) the main hero du jour? )

At Mike's, still, naturally. He's asleep (snoring loudly), so I've got access to his computer as he's not playing Neverinter Nights 2. Even managed to drag him to the pub earlier, despite [livejournal.com profile] lokean's complete failure to turn up. Cavern in Raynes Park, not a bad little local really, and the music/theme is trad-rock, so at least I don't want to kill the jukebox, merely tolerate it.

Went into Wimbledon this afternoon, basically for a wander, ended up in Books etc. Oops. [livejournal.com profile] faeriecween (and others who share our taste in books)? Bought more books, Susanna Clarke's latest and Alastair Reynolds new paperback ) I need to remember to join the local library...

Oh, [livejournal.com profile] burkesworks pointed us at [livejournal.com profile] bloggerheads Tim's latest project, I think I was supposed to reply to an email I missed, but there y'go. Ladies and gentlemen, we present: National Service, the follow up to Backing Blair. Nothing to see there yet, but it'll be part of the ongoing thing. Also? Those wonderful MySociety types are working on a new site for the aformentioned Blair, allowing us to petition him directly. The first one of any use is the ID Cards are evil one. Longstanding readers know my objection is to the damned register, the cards are a smokescreen, but it's still worth signing. Nice to see the Govt finally catching up to the idea that Crapita et al deliver useless websites, whereas small groups working on things as and when can do great things. Go sign.

G'night all.
Tee hee:
[livejournal.com profile] nadriel: I love arguing with philosophers, you can't lose.

[livejournal.com profile] matgb: Well, you can lose.


[livejournal.com profile] nadriel: You bastard.

[livejournal.com profile] matgb: Some of us aren't playing.
Those confused by this conversation will find a link in my sidebar called "don't click this". It's been there for awhile now. [livejournal.com profile] harlotqueen provided the url for me, very useful.

Also, despite being fully networked and connected via Mike's ADSL line, my dial up box pops up randomly. Especially true when streaming via youtube and similar, very annoying. OTOH, I now understand all the fuss surrounding Olberman and Colbert, very very cool.

Firefox 2.0 RC1 has been DLd, it has some good bits, some bad bits, and it's disabled all my favourite extensions, which will annoy when I get home, may go back to 1.5 for a bit. Not keen on the close tab red x now being in each tab, that's four years of mouse habits needing retraining there. Ah well, someone'll do an extension to change it within a few days of release as always.
Well, I made the decision; assuming nothing goes horribly wrong at work that my deputy can't handle, I'm going to London Friday to see [livejournal.com profile] nadriel and hopefully attend [livejournal.com profile] synth_culture again.

This is inspired by many, many things, partially because I haven't been up for awhile, and couldn't go last month due to work. Also, Zoe (my deputy) is on holiday next week in order to make the final arrangements for her wedding (her fiance Paul is a lucky bastard and knows it) and has two weeeks of honeymoon afterwards, so I need a quick break before she's off.

But it's also because Mike needs a good kicking, and there's nothing like my biting wit to cheer him up, right Mike?

So, given I'm taking the day off to travel, any London people care to nominate a pub for pre club drinks? Is the Dev still open? Someone said it was shutting and, well, I've never actually been there...
Well, I'm about half way through my annual hell, and it seems to be going so well, so much so that I managed to leave work early Friday (after an 11 hour day Thursday to get the work done) in order to drive to London for [livejournal.com profile] synth_culture.

The journey and Synthetic Culture )

Great night, despite the heat )

Camden, omelettes and misprints )

Famous stations, great bookstores, city life )

Got back home at approx 2am and collapsed into bed. Spent today watching DVDs and reading webcomics. The usual Sunday really. Still, an update was due.

One last cut, especially for Miss Eve (she did ask nicely) )

Well, I'll likely be offline again until next weekend, when I think I'm supposed to be in Birmingham anyway, so don't expect to hear much from me anytime soon. Hope everyone else out there in LJ land is OK; to Exeter peeps, I hope to see those of you not going to Brum sometime in August...
Mike wants us to collect T-shirt slogans. I only do insults, but even so, it might be vaguely amusing.

Any ideas for a tshirt slogan I should wear?
This is not my first post. This is just redated so it's not at the top of my journal all the time.

I'm Mat. This is my personal journal, the fun stuff. I also write in a few other places, including Not Little England (on UK politics) and TaKtiX (about gaming).

For more about me, your best bet is to read the bio and Userinfo. This post is mostly here so I can find all the tags I use easily, it may get more useful stuff in the future. It's not a 'Friends Only' Journal, but I do filter some stuff. Oh, if you're using Internet Explorer... ) go here and get help.

My Blogs: )
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