How time flies. It seems like the last one was just a few months ago, and here I am forgetting to promote this one properly. Every year, in June, the National Media Museum holds a festival of SF/fantasy/horror themed films, TV shows, talks, etc. 9th Fantastic Films Weekend sacrifice and horror films festival UK

Jennie first dragged me up for the 2007 weekend, soon after we'd met, and I've been to each one since. I normally find the whole thing utterly exhausting, so this year will be cutting back attendance a bit. And probably baking more cakes in the time I'm back here. OTOH, I might just take the netbook and sit in the cafe when too exhausted to watch.

The IMAX'll be showing Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Prince of PErsia, none of which I've seen yet. The free FFW2010 TV Heaven looks interesting (Captain Scarlet!) and they've got a great archive of other stuff to watch as well, last time I went I watched an episode of Mr Benn, that was cool.

Oh, they're also doing a double bill of 28 Days/Weeks later, showing David Bowie's first screen role, showing Psycho and a big pile of other films I haven't seen yet (What's On).

It's just up the road from us by bus, there're local B&Bs, and there's a possibility of floor space still, but we might be overbooked on that one. If you're on my access list, my 'how to get here' from two years agos is still current: Come visit! Watch films! Drink!

So, late notice, but, y'know, elections; anyone else planning to attend?

ETA: How did I miss Robocop on the programme? Sun, 6 Jun 18:45, surely worth coming just to see that on the big screen, right?
This is not my first post. This is just redated so it's not at the top of my journal all the time.

I'm Mat. This is my personal journal, the fun stuff. I also write in a few other places, including Not Little England (on UK politics) and TaKtiX (about gaming).

For more about me, your best bet is to read the bio and Userinfo. This post is mostly here so I can find all the tags I use easily, it may get more useful stuff in the future. It's not a 'Friends Only' Journal, but I do filter some stuff. Oh, if you're using Internet Explorer... ) go here and get help.

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